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Consumer’s Choice Mortgage offers mortgage financing exclusively throughout the entire state of Florida.
We have an incredibly large variety of programs to accommodate every type of home buyer and refinance.

With over 28 years of experience, we are able to resolve complex financial scenarios to get you
to the settlement table quickly.

Purchasing a new home?

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We have the lowest wholesale rates in the country:

  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Mortgages down to a low 580 middle credit score.
  • Veterans Administration (VA) Loans down to 560 middle credit score.
  • Bank statement only programs for self employed borrowers.
  • Great rates & highest loan to value on jumbo loan products.

Thinking about a Government Insured Reverse Mortgage?

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This is a great opportunity to uncover a new income stream for homeowners 62 years or older. Feel free to call us for details. We have all the facts and are happy to help guide you through the process.

Are you a rehab investor?

We offer private money financing for Residential & Commercial Properties.
Increase your buying power with exceptionally quick loan approval decisions.